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Polar Blog: The Arctic voyages of the intrepid ringed seal

If you’re cold, say Inuit hunters, have a piece of seal meat — you’ll be amazed at how it warms you up from the inside. Meat from the nattiq (ringed seal) is a staple in Inuit coastal communities, and Inuit seamstresses are renowned for the unique boots, mitts, pants and jackets they create from its skin. Families also benefit from the income when these items are sold.

Inuit have been noticing some shifts in the abundance of ringed seals, and they’re keen to find out why. Are the numbers declining, or are the animals migrating elsewhere?

International Arctic Change 2014 Photo Contest

Dear Arctic colleagues,


We are pleased to announce the launch of the International Arctic Change 2014 Photo Contest.


From treeline to coast: Canadian Museum of Nature leads botanical expedition in Nunavut

An underexplored area of mainland Nunavut is the target of a fieldwork expedition this July by botanists from the Canadian Museum of Nature. The four-member team will survey and collect hundreds of plants along a 40-km stretch of the Coppermine River in western Nunavut from June 28 to July 29.

Polar Blog: An innovative project is using Arctic greenhouses to build food security and community well-being

Food is expensive in the Arctic. Whether you’re gassing up your snowmobile to go seal hunting for your dinner or browsing the shelves at the grocery store — where a cabbage can cost more than $20 — feeding a family well can be challenging. Hunting and fishing are still important, but nowadays Inuit eat more “market food” than ever before. The least nutritious food is also the least expensive, and many Inuit live on low incomes. Heart disease and obesity are rising, while communities struggle with youth suicide and other social problems linked to rapid change.

Įłàà Katı̀: A Festival of Traditional Knowledge

The Canadian Polar Commission is jointly hosting a major conference on Traditional Aboriginal Knowledge in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, from September 19 to 21, 2014.